Assam Silk Fabric Manufacturer, Exporter, Company in Australia, Europe.

Apr 7, 2018 |
Eri Silk is India's leading Assam Silk provider over the world. Assam's Eri Silk is known as Ahimsa Silk and peace Silk. We are the manufacturer and wholesaler of Eri Silk in Europe, Australia, ... Read more

Indigo denim knit fabric manufacturers

May 24, 2018 |
Indigo denim knit fabric are high in demand for its natural stretch and long-lasting property. We produce them in different shades and counts for fashion market. ... Read more

Bamboo knit fabric Supplier | SS Impex

Jun 4, 2018 |
Bamboo knit fabric, made from a typical bamboo tree has anti-bacterial, and deodorization properties and is suitable for Inner wear, Socks, Summer clothing etc., ... Read more